In Italy are born nine beautiful puppies wonderfully coloured, five males and four females from  Inga Akacjana (Ch. Uzurpacja Full Speed x Multi Ch. World Champion Ictus Arcturus) x Highwind Klejnot Magiczny Bialy (Multi Ch. Lulka Habenda x Multi Ch. Nokturn Celerrimus), all information always updated on the blog!!!

The day 30-12-10 ten exceptional Chart Polski puppies are born, they have wonderful colours, six males and four females!!!

If you are interested to book a puppy, feel free to contact me!

Z ZIEMI POLSKIEJ DO WLOSKIEJ- Brawurka Xantusia e Highwind Dragos will have puppies about the end of the year!!!

Z ZIEMI POLSKIEJ DO WLOSKIEJ---from Poland with love-
Dragos will have a litter with beautiful sweet Multi Ch. Brawurka Xantusia - Acalantis kennel- Poland- Many thanks to Nadia and Tomasz to have chosen my boy!!!
The dream of every breeder- to be chosen for a litter in the homeland of the breed!!!
The future is in the present--my best satisfaction!!! Puppies will born in Poland at the end of this year or first days of ever, thanks to Iza for this continuing dream...

I am thinking about a quality litter for next year with Multi Ch. Narnia Celerrimus and male to study this so close breed (saved from extinction risk with few very dogs to use), inbreeding (father and daughter, brother and sister) MUST be avoid absolutely! It is blamed also from FCI. Unluckily, there is recently an increase of PRA, a severe eyes disease, and a dog "clear" at the test, may be a carrier. Be very careful with the puppies you choose and from who you choose them!

cuccioli.jpg (288710 byte)

They are born!!!!

Here they are, eight super puppies from Lulka and Nokturn, really a dream!!!
Five little girls ( cream, black and tan, black and white, red and white, red and tan) and three little boys ( cream with white, completely white, white and red). More pics in my blog.


I'm planning soon a Deerhounds' litter out of MultiCh.Sbis Fritzen's Pandora at Highwind,
the only Deehound who won a BIS in a Sighthounds meeting in Italy, in the history of the club.
Serious inquiries are welcome.

No puppies this time, we shall try again next year.

Tessa and Dillen are just married!!! Now we have only to wait ... Many thanks to Vittorio -Mr. Vittorio Passerino, Kiltown Abbey Kennel - for his great kindness, hospitality and help!!!