Greyhounds, Charty Polskie e Deerhounds


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To preserve, or preferably extend, the genetic diversity of the breed, matador breeding and
heavy inbreeding should be avoided. Mating between siblings, mother to son or father to
daughter should never be performed.

Official correspondent for Italy

Baron Piero Renai della Rena- Sighthounds-
Its beauty has always been identified with the perfectionof its functional qualities.Some millenium ago starting from the Arabian desert it spread all over the world changing into breeds with their own features; but everywhere this elegant son of the wind has kept unchanged both its refined elegance and the wonderful structure of a perfect engine  create for speed and hunt. Its loyalty is endless, its love is characterized by aristocratic control and its courage is without limits. These are very precious qualities, but they can hardly be understood. it's just for these reasons that Sighthounds are not dogs for everyone.

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