Dogs shows for me are not so important, it's a nice way to spend a day,to meet some friends and to look at other sighthounds breeds.
Of course I'm very happy when I win,but if it doesn't happen it's the same!
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  National coursing in Sala Bolognese- first coursing for Karmilla od Wichury (Pippi)- res.cacl, 92-92 points, second for Danka, 93-94 points!!! Judge dr. Anselmi
  Spring Sighthound club meeting- first of May- Leska caca-bos, Dragos exc in ch. class, BOB! impressive male!:))) Judge Mrs. outi Piisi-Putta
Forlė Int. dog show 21th April 2012- Leska got her first cac - cacib- bob in intermediate class! judge mr. Zlatko Kralijc
  26 February 2012 International Dog Show Ancona - Nalewka ecc. bob in young class!
  25 February 2012 National Dog Show - Karmilla ecc. bob in young class!
  07 January 2012- Karmilla easily gets her coursing licence without trying not even once!!!
  08 Novembrer 2011 coursing at Palazzo Manzoni, Danka cacl e Lulka ris. cacl!!! First official coursing for them both with the judge's congratulation!!!
  1° October 2011, Dragos Eurosighthound FCI winner and BOB, Nalewka Junior winner and best Junior!!
  International Dog Show Bastia Umbra, 9 -09- Nalewka ecc. BOB
We are in the video on Bastia Umbra Sunday Group 10
  Eurosighthound 1-10
Multi Ch. Top Highwind Dragos Eurosighthound Winner and BOB, Nalewka z Highwind Acalantis Junior Eurosighthound Winner at only ten months, first show!!! Multi Ch. Narnia Celerrimus s2° Exc. Six entries.

  National Dog Show Macerata, 25-09 Highwind Dragos second place in 10th group!!!
  On Sunday, 5th of June, Lulka and Danka have got coursing licence!!!

  She is arrived!!! beautiful Nalewka (Leska) z Highwind Acalantis is here with us!!!
Thanks to Nadia and Tomasz for the long travel until here!!!
26/2/2011 Ancona International Dog Show
Dragos cacib, bob- and with great pleasure I received an award of merit from Gruppo Cinofilo Anconitano, by Italian Kennel Club President Mr. Francesco Balducci.

The day 30-12-10 ten exceptional Chart Polski puppies are born, they have wonderful colours, six males and four females!!!

If you are interested to book a puppy, feel free to contact me!

  Sighthounds' Club Autumn Meeting - Ch. Highwind Dragos Bob, Multi Ch. Narnia Celerrimus Bos- judge both days Mr. Paolo Dondina
  Bastia Umbra International dog show- Ch.Highwind Dragos- Champion class- 1st exc. Cacib Bob
  Eurodogshow Celje- Highwind Dragos-intermediate class- 1st excellent Slovenian Cac
25 September 2010 Roma International Dog Show
Highwind Dragos Cacib Bob, Highwind Danka Ulana Cac, Cacib- with this last cac she is ITALIAN CHAMPION!!!
Judge Mrs. Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-WWierzchowska- POLAND, who liked Dragos really very much! I am very honoured, proud and happy that a Polish judge is so enthusiast of my boy!!!
This is Dragos judgement-
Excellent masculine classic style of dog, excellent head, neck, topline and chest, very well balanced, excellent angulations, movement and temperament-----what more?:))))

13 September 2010 Ercolano International dog show and all breeds Specialty
Highwind Dragos, champion class, Cacib Bob, Highwind Danka Ulana, intermediate class, Cac, cacib, judge Josč Homem de Mello, Portugal

13 July 2010 With the last cac of Sunday, Highwind Dragos is ITALIAN CHAMPION at 17 months of age, with six shows! Many thanks to all judges who liked him!

16 May 2010 San Marino International Dogshow, 23rd of May- Great day, other two Cart Polski entered! Multi Ch.Narnia Celerrimus Cac, Cacib, BOB, Highwind Dragos Cac, Cacib, Bos, Highwind Danka Ulana 1st exc. Cac, ris. Cacib. Beautiful judgement by the judge Mr. Chan Weng Who- Malaysia

16 May 2010 Terni International Dogshow, 16th of May, Highwind Dragos Cac, Cacib, Bob, judge Mr. Mentasti, great judgement! Danka at home.
6 May 2010 Highwind Draghiza got the coursing licence!!! OK girls!!!
6 May 2010 Sighthounds Spring Club Meeting- Padenghe sul Garda, 1st of May- Narnia Celerrimus is Club Champion, Highwind Dragos Cac and Club Champion, Highwind Danka Ulana Cac and Bob!!! Many thanks to our judge Mrs. Durando for her love and knowledge of this breed!!!

14 March 2010 International Dog Show Modena Reggio Emilia, Sighhound Special Show, Highwind Dragos and Highwind Danka Ulana Cac, Cacib- Danka Bob once again with the compliments of the Judge Mr. Alessandra!!!
27 February 2010 International Dog Show Ancona, 27 February- Highwind Dragos and Highwind Danka Ulana both get Cac Cacib, Dragos gets also Bob with the congratulations of Mrs. Orietta Zilli!!! It's his first show in Intermediate Class
18 October 2009 Bastia Umbra International show- October 18th- Nokturn Celerrimus is ITALIAN CHAMPION!!! Cac, cacib, Bob. His son Highwind Dragos 1st exc. in junior class.

27 September 2009 Macerata National show - September 27th- Highwind Dragos (Multi Ch. Lulka Habenda x Ch.Nokturn Celerrimus)  won the Sighthounds' group (five entries)!!! This was his first show, he is only nine months old!!! His litter sister Highwind Danka Ulana 1st excellent in junior class. A great satisfaction for this breed so unknown in Italy!!!
14 June 2009 International dog Show of San Marino -Orvieto, Nokturn Celerrimus is San Marino Champion!!! cac, cacib, bob - Narnia cac, cacib, she will close the championship next year, because she was not in the show of last month. THANk YOU IZA!!!

24 May 2009 International dog show of San Marino, May 24th - Nokturn Celerrimus Cac, Cacib ,Bob and SECOND PLACE in the X group (seven entries). Wonderful judgement from Mr. Karlo bala. As always, thank you Iza! Great result for the breed!!!
8 April 2009

Terni International dog show, Sunday 5th of April, judge the worldwide famous Sighthounds'specialist Mr. Bo Bengtson -USA- Narnia Cac, Cacib, Bob, Tessa Cacib, Bob with a wonderful judgement!

28 November 2008 Puppies have arrived!!! If you want to know more, visit the "Litters" page
9 November 2008 Added new photos in the section "About us"
9 November 2008 Narnia and Nokturn both cac, cacib, Narnia bob with a fantastic judgement from Mr. Blumel (AUSTRIA):beautiful female in all parts- With this cac Narnia finished the ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP in six shows!!!
She won also the third place in group (SIX entries)!!!

19 October 2008 Pescara National Dog Show: Nokturn e Narnia cac, Nokturn Bob
11 October 2008 Bastia Umbra International Dog Show  Narnia e Nokturn Celerrimus both cac-cacib, Nokturn Bob judge Mrs. Reyniers (B)
Congratulations to Sergio, Angela , Arnaldo and Annalisa for the great success of my "son" Sobresalto Xtravagant that got the title of Italian Champion at only two years (for a whippet is very difficult) on Saturday in Bastia!!! And of course thanks to Paolo!!!

(Fhotos by )
28 September 2008 International Dog Show Ercolano Sighthounds Specialty. Narnia Celerrimus Cac Cacib
14 September 2008 Sighthounds' Autumn Club Meeting in Massa Martana (Pg). Sunday 14-09 : Narnia and Nokturn Cac, Narnia Bob. Second place in braces.

2 August 2008 Donaueschingen (Germany) Sighthounds' Meeting
Nokturn Celerrimus is DONAUESCHINGEN JUGEND WINNER 2008 !!!

10 July 2008 National show in Cingoli (MC),first open class for Narnia and Nokturn: both Cac, Nokturn BOB and third in Group (and we were more than three...)

10 July 2008 Updated the page "My Charty Polski"
08 July 2008 Lulka's andLokis' sister, Legenda Habenda, is WORLD WINNER and Cacib at the World dog show in Stockholm, Sweden. We are really very happy!!! In the pic is with Gwidon Arcturus, World Winner and Cacib and Urzekaja Uroda Full Speed, Bob and Junior World Winner.

29 June 2008
International show in San Marino-Orvieto, on Sunday 29th- Nokturn Celerrimus at his first show is Junior San Marino Champion with a great judgement from Mr. Zeliko Gajic

May 11th 2008

Yesterday, 11th of May, in San Marino's International dog show, Narnia Celerrimus, first experience, won the title of San Marino Republic Junior Champion. The judge, Mr. Goran Bodegard, gave her a beautiful judgement, she is pratically perfect!!! Handler Paolo, as always!!!

May 11th 2008   Great news: two new puppies Chart Polsky females will arrive soon in Italy from Poland!!! 
March 26th 2008:                 Added a new article in the interview page!!



February 2nd 2008:                   International Dog Show of Padova (sighthounds specialty)
                                                      Lulka has won the CAC,CACIB and BOB !!                                                



November 11th 2007:            International Dog Show of Vrtojba:
                                                 Lulka and Tessa get the last CACIB and  both of them
                                                 become International Champions!!!!!!!!!!!

P1000655.JPG (2309004 byte)




October   2007:                Added new articles in the "interviews" page!!!


September 2007 :      Lulka finished San Marino Republic's championship!!

                                              sanmarino2.jpg (15654 byte)




August ,2007   :      Added new articols!!!You can find the links in the "interviews" page!!
                                  Since today you'll find a lot of new pics from my dogs on this site:


July ,2007       :      Lulka has won the Cac and BOB  at the national dog show of Cingoli .
                                 With this last winning she has got the Italian Championship title!!!!!
                                           wuthering_heights.jpg (14955 byte)
                                       Thank you Paolo for the handling of my lovly Lulka!!!


June ,2007   :      I am happy and proud to announce the arrival of Narnia and Nokturn   Celerrimus, from the famous Kennel Celerrimus.
 Their parents are Multi Ch.Lochynia Celerrimus and Multi Ch.Litawor Celerrimus.
  It's the first time that in italy we have Chart Polski from this important Kennel.
 In the picture they are with bartek, son and nephew of the breeders, who very                              kindly had the long trip from Poland to let me have them.
 Thank you Bartek, Iza, Goska, from heart!!!
      bartek.jpg (131488 byte)



June 26th,2007             :            Two new articles added to the interviews page


June 24th,2007               : International Dog Show  San Marino Republic
                                                     Lulka CAC,CACIB and BOB  


June 23th,2007             :    International Dog Show Orvieto:
                                                      Lulka CAC,CACIB and BOB


May 20th,2007   :                   Greetings from  fields!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
campo3.jpg (17712 byte)       campo5.jpg (18609 byte)



May 6th,2007             :  International Dog Show in Terni, Lulka won Cac, Caci,  Bob
                                                       terni.jpg (246232 byte)



May 5th,2007             :  Sighthounds Spring Meeting in Padenghe sul garda, Lulka                                         won Cac, Bob and the title of Club Champion.
                                                        DSC_5440.jpg (38680 byte)
                                            Judge Mrs.Bortolotto Zambelli-Italy!



March 14th,2007             :  Added a very interesting article on the
                                                         " interviews "page!!



February 17-18th,2007        :  International Dog Show  Padova (specialty)
                                       Lulka Habenda : 1° Exc. CAC,CACIB & BOB



January20-21th,2007 :        International Dog Show Arezzo
                                           Lulka Habenda : 1° Exc. CAC,CACIB & BOB
                                                   arezzo.jpg (13869 byte)



A new family member has arrived:       Nina



The 2006 has closed:  a real succesfull year
                                  - Tessa : Young ENCI's promise,San Marino's Ch.,Club Ch.,
                                                BIS at the autumn Club meeting,Italian Ch,ENCI's
                                                Ch. of the year!
                                  - Lulka : San Marino's young Ch.,Young ENCI's promise and
                                               1 BOB in specialty show!



December 2-3th, 2006            International Dog Show of Verona :

                                    Fritzen's Pandora :  1° Ex.,CAC, CACIB & BOB
Finished the Italian Championship
verona3.jpg (7697 byte)
                                      Lulka Habenda : 1° Ex. young class & BOB
verona2.jpg (6824 byte)



November 19th, 2006            International Dog Show of Viterbo:

                                             Fritzen's Pandora :  CACIB & BOB

                                      Lulka Habenda : 1° Ex. young class & BOB
Gained The  "Giovane Promessa ENCI" title 




November 4-5th, 2006    International Dog Show of Bastia Umbra

                                      Fritzen's Pandora : CACIB  and BOB
                TessaBastia.jpg (6371 byte)

                                                  Lulka Habenda : 1° Exc. junior class and BOB
                                       LuliBastia.jpg (6239 byte)




October 21th, 2006         National Dog Show of Pesaro

                                    Fritzen's Pandora : CAC and BOB
                                          TessaPesaro.jpg (8694 byte)

                              Lulka Habenda: 1° Exc. junior class and BOB
LuliPesaro.jpg (8967 byte)



October 2006    -  A fantastic new: for an unforeseen event I found out a Chart Polski who lives                                     in Italy from  1996!He's very nice and very typical.
                                 His owner is a friend of a new friend of mine.
                                 Sometimes you think that a rare breed is not in your Country only because                                    you don't see it on a show ring but, on the contrary......

September24th, 2006 - National Dog Show of Macerata-
                                  Fritzen's Pandora : CAC,BOB,BOG-2
                                  Lulka Habenda      : 1° Exc. junior class and BOB  

September 16th, 2006 - Autumn Sighthounds Club Meeting-
                                        Fritzen's Pandora is the 
BIS Winner


July 2006
  - My holidays in  Poland

May 27th, 2006 Internazional dog show of San Marino- Fritzen Pandora
                             wins the CAC,CACIB  and BOB and gains the 
                             San Republic Champion's title!

                           -Lulka Habenda gains the San Marino Republic Junior
                            Champion's title!



May 1st, 2006 Spring Club meeting,Padenghe sul Garda- Fritzen Pandora  
The Club Champion's title for 2006!